Underwurld Surfers face their demons on blistering single ‘LONELY, SOMETIMES’

Melbourne-based duo Underwurld Surfers get high on their searing new sophomore single LONELY, SOMETIMES. 

Underwulrd Surfers have released LONELY, SOMETIMES, a surf-punk banger that serves as the duo’s sophomore single.

Opening with fuzzy strums and punchy percussion, the single at first feels like a staple indie rock gem, complete with shimmering guitars and the kind of sun-drenched bassline you’d hear on a jangly Spacey Jane record.

Underwurld Surfers single 'LONELY, SOMETIMES'

While Underwurld Surfers — a duo comprised of lead vocalists Sonny Phoenix and Bobby Bird — are clearly at home in this softer fuzz rock, they’re equally as interested in grittier sounds.

What begins as a summery tune later transforms into something heavier, as Underwurld Surfers introduce panning psychedelic vocals and a rapid-fire opening verse.

Here, the duo adopt a speedy cadence and blistering vocal delivery, sounding off on inner demons and the various stimulants used to quell them.

Underwurld Surfers single 'LONELY, SOMETIMES'

The bombastic timbre is immediately commanding, and helped along by the verse’s riotously noisy instrumentation. 

For all its rock and nu-metal flairs, LONELY, SOMETIMES also showcases an ear for pop stylings, with a melodic chorus and repeated refrains so replayable they’re destined to become earworms.

This transition between sounds makes LONELY, SOMETIMES an exercise in sonic diversity, with each new listen bringing something fresh to the table, be it screechy electric guitars or layered backing harmonies. 

To successfully walk the tightrope of rock, indie and hip-hop is one thing, but Underwurld Surfers add even more texture to LONELY, SOMETIMES through their incisive songwriting.

Underwurld Surfers single 'LONELY, SOMETIMES'

Lamenting the substances or habits taken to alleviate life’s stresses, the duo provide razor-sharp commentary on the oft-toxic methods we take to overcome feeling “stuck in this cage.” 

Of course, the heady lyrics belie the otherwise anthemic feel of LONELY, SOMETIMES — so raucous and head-banging you can picture blaring into a heaving mosh pit.

Underwurld Surfers single 'LONELY, SOMETIMES'

LONELY, SOMETIMES is especially impressive given that it marks Underwurld Surfer’s second-ever single, following on from last month’s debut with ROCKSTAR LOVELY. 

Raised in the UK but now based in Melbourne, Phoenix and Bird arrive as promising — and blissfully loud — new voices in the scene.

Listen Underwurld Surfers’ new single LONELY, SOMETIMES below.