Alt-rock delicacy meets existential crisis on Mid Ayr’s ethereal new track Exit

Whether you’re feeling a little introspective or just searching for a new track to leave on loop, you owe it to yourself to check out Exit.

The latest single from alt-rock outfit Mid Ayr seamlessly blends acoustic and electronic sounds, providing a taste of what to expect from the band’s debut album, due for release later this year.

mid ayr exit

Exit, the new single from Mid Ayr, blends fragmented sounds with immersive lyrics for a reflective track exploring indecision and existential crisis.

Comprised of Hugh Middleton, Zac Moynihan and Andrew Reid, the Brisbane based trio deliver their latest single with dreamy vibes and distinctive musical touches found in acts such as Radiohead, Daggy Man, Elliot Smith and Big Thief.

It’s this natural duality within Exit that draws you into the velvety smooth soundscape which builds with curiosity, suspense and thoughtfulness.

We took five with frontman Hugh Middleton, who shed light on the meaning behind Exit. 

“…It’s written from the perspective of a children’s book character taking form as a fairy named Exit, which symbolises a state of feeling existential and being trapped inside a barrage of voices that won’t cease to stop questioning your perspective on life and all existence.”

The single marks a stylistic change for Mid Ayr, showcasing the band’s conviction in exploring new territories.

On the creation of the song, Middleton says, “It was one of those times where the melody pretty much came to me as I worked out the chords. I think even the word Exit was jumping around my head long before I knew what it was all about. I remember it all coming out pretty quickly which is usually a sign of something honest that’s itching to get out.”

“I’ve learned to use music production as almost an instrument of sorts and have been discovering new ways of writing that keep it exciting for myself, which is important for any song writer.”

Exit sets a spellbindingly groovy precedent for the band’s upcoming album. If this track is anything to go by, the year ahead looks bright for Mid Ayr.


Exit is out now on Eat More Records.