Experimentation is Noel Gallagher's calling in new EP This is the Place

Experimentation is Noel Gallagher’s calling in new EP This is the Place

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ latest EP This is the Place continues to defy Gallagher’s past in Oasis and proves that reinvention will see him rocking stadiums until the day he dies.

The band will be joining U2 soon on their Australian tour in November, where you can expect to hear their latest, intergalactically influenced EP.

This is the Place from Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds is a wacky, cosmic rock adventure where Gallagher’s experimentation works forever in his favour.

Title track This Is The Place presents bouncy instrumentation and determined vocals, building into an unconventional, rock-infused dance track. The underlying synths, bongos and backing vox add to Gallagher’s rockin’ feel, his infectious chorus sure to get the feet stomping. Think Queen’s We Will Rock You, but reimagined as a space rock ballad.

Gallagher slows it down in A Dream Is All I Need To Get By, conjuring sweet nostalgia. It’s clear he’s comfortable with his new path, the production choices calling back to his previous EP which followed a similar suit. Gallagher calls out the title in urgent cries, a standout moment in his latest work.

Evil Flower is a classic rock ‘n’ roll anthem recreated for the future, a sound built for stadiums, where the echo of Gallagher’s cries and energetic backing vocals work in complete balance. It’s moving, punchy and different again to the EP’s other features.

Where Black Star Dancing leant comfortably into notes of disco and space rock, This Is The Place pushes the bill further still into territory resembling old-school acid house. This Is The Place, the track, and both of the EP’s remixes definitely echo a little bit of Primal Scream’s heyday – back when British rockers were learning to rave.

This Is The Place is certainly disconnected from the classic Gallagher sound, but on his new EP Noel has his full confidence behind him. Then again, when didn’t he?


This Is The Place is out now.