Noel Gallagher wants to play guitar for The Smiths

Noel Gallagher wants to join The Smiths

It’s tough work being a frontman. From time to time, some may find themselves longing for those happier, simpler times.

Such is the case with Noel Gallagher, who, whilst recently appearing in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1, lamented the fact that sometimes he just wants to be the guy that plays guitar in a band.

Sometimes you just wanna be the guy that plays guitar in a band, y’know? Well, today that guy is Noel Gallagher and that band? The Smiths.

“Do you know what I’d like to do most of all though? And please, as I say this, out there, don’t get your hopes up, right?” said Gallagher, gesturing at the camera. ” I would love to just be in a band. Be a guitarist for a while.”

“Not *that* band,” he added quickly, referring obviously to Oasis.

When probed by Lowe about which band, past or present he would want to join, Gallagher responded:

“Do you know what? I would love – and it’s never going to happen, it’s not even a dream. In a parallel universe, if The Smiths got back together – I’m Craig Gannon. And I’d go to Johnny [Marr] and say ‘Don’t get another guitarist, mate. I’m your man.'”

Craig Gannon was the second guitarist for The Smiths back in 1986, and only played with them until their US/UK tour ended in October of that year, with the band officially breaking up the following year. He is affectionately known as “the fifth Smith”.

A sort-of Smiths reunion did almost happened back in 2018 with former members Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, and Craig Gannon – minus Morrissey and Johnny Marr, the ones who actually wrote the songs. The three ex-Smiths were billed for a string of performances called “Classically Smiths”, performing Smiths’ songs alongside an orchestra.

However, the whole thing fell apart when a representative for Rourke reached out to say he had never actually signed up for the tour, and all attributed press quotes had been fabricated. After that, Joyce also pulled out and the whole thing fell on its head.

Looks like Noel Gallagher and the rest of us will just have to keep dreaming, for now.