"We’re totally dad rock": Dave Grohl admits that Foo Fighters aren't cool

Dave Grohl admits that Foo Fighters aren’t cool

Dave Grohl is arguably one of the coolest people in rock music.

Having recently showed up on Sesame Street with Big Bird and Elmo to sing a song called Here We Go Song, the Foo Fighters frontman can put his hand to practically anything and turn it to gold.

Dave Grohl

“You know the whole dad rock thing? We’re totally dad rock.” Dave Grohl believes that the Foo Fighters have never been cool. 

In a recent interview on Whitney Cummings podcast Good For You, Grohl discussed whether he thinks his music can be classified as ‘dad rock’.

“We’re totally dad rock.” He takes this comment further by saying, “You know, the funny thing is, I have never considered our band cool, and I like that.”

From a band that has released some of the most successful rock songs of the past two decades, Grohl’s comment seems to take aim at his bands longevity. He explains, “I think that the reason why we’re still here is because we do kind of disconnect ourselves from the popular stuff that’s going on, but also because what the fuck do we care?”

No matter what Dave Grohl says, the Foo Fighters still manage to churn out chart-topping albums and singles at a significantly high success rate. Grohl himself is also one of the most loveable and generous people in the music industry, even if he doesn’t think he is cool.

With a new “fucking weird” album in the works, there’s a lot to look forward to, even if it does classify as ‘dad rock’.