The Foo Fighters release surprise EP and launch Foo Files fansite

The Foo Fighters have cracked open their archival vault with live recordings on a surprise EP release to coincide with the unveiling of their new fan site.

“A good day to look in the Foo Files,” the band announced on Twitter. “How about a few elusive live tracks?”

Foo Fighters

“You never know what we’ve got up our sleeves”: The Foo Fighters tease with the surprise release of their EP 00950025 and the launch of their fansite.

The EP 00950025, is a string of numbers presumably alluding to the fact that their debut album came out in 1995 and their 25th anniversary, does feature three live recordings. Taken from various performances, it features the songs Wattershed and For All The Crows from their 1995 Reading Festival set followed by Next Year, recorded at Cold Live in the Chapel in Melbourne, 2000.

The Foo Fighters are encouraging fans to send in their stories and memorabilia into The Foo Files. For their page Tell Us Your Foo Fighters Story, the band writes “We want to hear about YOU. Did you capture a great photo of your crew at a Foo show? Have a memory tied to a Foo Fighters album or song? Or maybe just want to send a message to the band? Share your Foo Fighters story and include any photos, videos or memorabilia.”

In the lead up to their 25th anniversary, the band have teased “You never know what we’ve got up our sleeves.” Perhaps they’ll dig further into their live archives to bring us some more Foo Files.

The Foo Fighters are currently on tour, playing summer dates across the U.S. and Europe, finishing the festival circuit with Leeds and Reading in August.