PREMIERE: Chris Gorsuch establishes his diverse songwriting abilities on Conditioned

It was back in September, with the release of his single My Own Personal Hell, that we were first introduced to the hard-hitting, unapologetic sounds of Chris Gorsuch. While the aforementioned single leaned more heavily into acoustic folk-rock, it still possessed an unrelenting quality that immediately grabbed our attention.

Now, however, Gorsuch has dropped his newest release Conditioned, and with it, he has gone all-out on crunching hard-rock sounds. It’s dark, brooding, and undeniably captivating. Keep an eye on this artist, we’re expecting big things.

Melbourne-based artist Chris Gorsuch has returned with his new single Conditioned; a searing, hard-hitting slice of unrelenting heavy rock.

The new single opens with thunderous percussion and crunching guitars, immediately establishing a different approach from its preceding release. Heavy chugging riffs lay the groundwork for this introduction, while flailing lead guitar lines cut through the backing instrumentation like a hot knife through butter.

Within seconds, Chris Gorsuch flaunts his incredibly diverse songwriting abilities. Sonically, Conditioned sits in stark contrast to My Own Personal Hell, but thematically, Gorsuch ropes both songs into one sprawling musical vision.

Conditioned has also arrived with a new music video, perfectly capturing the dark, tortured themes of the music. We guarantee that once you hit play on this thing, you’ll be unable to turn away.

This is the latest taste of Gorsuch’s upcoming album The Final Song, and we can’t wait to hear what other surprises will be packed into this full-length release.

Until then, check out the new video for Conditioned above.