The Smiths’ tour rider from 1986 is absolutely incredible

Have you ever found yourself plagued by the arbitrary yet necessary question: what did Morrissey request on his rider? Well, rest assured, we can give you the answer, in the form of a U.S. summer tour rider dating back to 1986, belonging to none other than The Smiths.

Whilst the veracity of the image remains uncertain, the photo of said tour rider began circulating on Twitter all the way back in 2014.

Ever wondered what The Smiths requested on their rider? Check out a photo of this 1986 rider allegedly belonging to the band, in all its cheesy glory.

The photo was originally posted by Twitter user, @Vivahate72, who appears to be an avid fan of The Smiths. He also posted other historic documents pertaining to the band, including their very first press release from Rough Trade.

What did you imagine such a rider would contain? Copious litres of booze and endless packs of cigarettes? Well, you would be correct in such assumptions. But there are also some unlikely residents on the list, namely: thinly sliced cheese sandwiches.

The above can be found under the heading Morrissey” and reads in full as:

“2 rounds thinly sliced cheese sandwiches.”

Whilst Johnny Marr seems to prefer “2 rounds cheese and tomato sandwich – no butter or margarine”;  Mike, Craig, Andy, and Jim settle for a simple “1 round tuna sandwich – not tuna salad”, to which an amendment has been added in pen: “no mayo.”

All this proves is that you can never underestimate the value of a good sandwicha fact The Smiths were clearly familiar with.

Check out the photo of the rider below. I dare you to not crave a thinly sliced cheese sandwich after doing so.