The Smiths have dug up an unheard demo version of 'I Know It's Over'

The Smiths have dug up an unheard demo version of ‘I Know It’s Over’. Listen and weep

The Smiths have dug up a previously unreleased demo for I Know It’s Over from The Queen Is Dead. The track will appear on the deluxe reissue of the seminal 1986 record, due out on October 20th.

The Smiths Queen is Dead

Ahead of the release of the reissue of The Queen is Dead, The Smiths have shared a previously unheard demo of I Know It’s Over. Listen below.

The demo is fairly similar to album version, with Morrissey’s signature wailing vocals carrying throughout the track, albeit with a few lyric changes. The drums and bass are much drier, but the same rollicking rhythm is there. As are Johnny Marr’s sparkling lead guitar lines. Check it out below.

The reissue is set to feature more unheard demos of this ilk, including the band’s first take of There Is a Light That Never Goes Outand Rubber Ring. It also contains an unreleased live album recorded at Great Woods Centre for the Performing Arts back in 1986, and Derek Jarman’s film The Queen Is Dead.

Speaking of the reissue, Morrissey said:

“You cannot continue to record and simply hope that your audience will approve, or that average critics will approve, or that radio will approve. You progress only when you wonder if an abnormally scientific genius would approve – and this is the leap the Smiths took with The Queen Is Dead.”

Find out more about it here.