Feel majestic, depressive and everything in between with Fielding’s new offering Best Wife

Cynical, sour and not afraid to admit it, Fielding is the dark pop princess crafting sad sonics with the intention to whisk you into her emotional whirlwind.

With a song writing game strong since the age of 10, Fielding is no newcomer when it comes to powerful ballads and heart-wrenching vocals and it’s certainly working to her favour in new record, Best Wife.

fielding best wife

Jam-packed with heavenly harmonics and dream-like keystrokes, Fielding has mastered the art of upbeat sad-pop in her fresh new album Best Wife.

Drawing inspiration from influences such as Mitski, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, Kate Bush and Bon Iver, Fielding has a dream of winning the next Eurovision Song Contest and Best Wife may just be her ticket there.

Best Wife is an interesting mix of compelling tenderness, emotional lyricism and floaty musical elements, with opening track Matilda including all of above. Offering high and low harmonics, a soft beat and synth undertones, the simple components compliment Fielding’s vocals, the stand-out feature of the track.

There’s a rawness to Fielding’s voice that gives it a real, untouched feel as though you’re listening to her live without any studio edits. Being able to deliver such flawless, floaty notes gives her music a distinguishable element that many of todays artists are lacking.

Touching on everyday matters like being stuck in traffic on The Victoria Bridge in title track Best Wife to being called cherries and honey in Newspaper Man, singing with a genuine honestly is both Fielding’s forte and identifying trait.

The Time Traveller is a facade of atmospheric sonics, high-tempo vocals and a washy, dream-like feel. Embodying everything from diverse vocals to wispy keystrokes, the song immediately paints a visual of blue skies and heavenly surroundings to contrast the darker intentions in some of her songs.

Caressing subjects such as life, death, relationships and self-worth, Best Wife is an almost theatrical offering that explores the full diversity of Fielding’s songwriting. From the angelic highs, powerful choruses and heavily emotional lows, Fielding pushes above and beyond with Best Wife, each song relating to yet remaining vastly different from the next.

Best Wife is a taste of Fielding’s raw, breathtaking talent in what one can predict will only continue to captivate audiences. Make her one to keep an eye on.