Explore the life and times of Keith Haring in this new biography

We The Youth is the title of the recently published biography of prevalent New York artist Keith Haring, whose involvement in street art, activism, and the city’s eclectic nightlife have made for a fascinating depiction of the world at that time.

We The Youth takes a closer look at Keith Haring’s involvement in defending gay rights and documenting the aids crisis in New York during the 70s and 80s.

All this ties in, according to author Dave Haslam, to Haring’s prodigious reputation as a frequent of New York’s infamous clubs and bars, as well as the music and art scenes that have circulated them.

The book was written by British DJ and author Dave Haslam who has documented numerous music scenes and periods across Manchester and the UK from the 70s until now.

Along with this insight into New York nightlife, the book discusses Harring’s personal relationships with other art, film and music icons including Jean-Michelle Basquiat, Andy Warhol, and Madonna. Harring is remembered as one of the earliest and now most prominent artists to have painted the walls of decaying New York subway stations and inspire a generation of street and graffiti artists today. 

The book is accompanied by a retrospective Keith Haring art exhibition, currently showing at The Tate Gallery in Liverpool.