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The Zippo Stage: lighting up Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday!

As part of 5 x 5 x 5: Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday, we’re proud to announce that Zippo will be presenting the Level 4 stage at Kings Cross Hotel.

Level 4 will be your go-to for some of the the best indie, punk, and Australiana that the country currently has on offer. If you’re coming to our 5th Birthday looking for a good head-banging, this is your ticket.

happy mag's 5th birthday zippo

At Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday, the Zippo stage on Level 4 of Kings Cross Hotel will host a cohort of Australia’s finest rock bands.

Level 4 will see The Goon Sax performing in Sydney for the first time since February. A band right at the top of the indie food chain, we couldn’t be more excited for their set. They’ll be backed up by raucous lords of the Northern Beaches C.O.F.F.I.N, the shimmering sounds of Sunscreen and Annie Hamilton, plus a surely wild set from The Uplifting Bell Ends.

Zippo has a long history in the cultural sphere, appearing in countless iconic film scenes, music videos, and moments in history. The click of a Zippo lighter was even sampled by Sting. We’re stoked to have them on board Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday – a party none of us are sure to forget.

Level 4: Presented by Zippo

The Goon Sax
Annie Hamilton
The Uplifting Bell Ends

Happy Mag’s 5th Birthday: Full Lineup

Ainsley Farrell
annie hamilton
Baby Beef
Bonza Records DJs
DJ Goodboy
Dominic Breen
Dro Carey
The Goon Sax
Land Systems
Luke Spook
Otis Thomas
Phat Reef
Psyched As DJs
Rees Lucia
Ruben Neeson
Tuppaware Party
The Uplifting Bell Ends

Friday 22 November – Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney – Details