A huge collection of original Pink Floyd artworks are going up for auction

Mega fans of Pink Floyd memorabilia rejoice, the complete collection of artworks made for the band’s various experimental audio-visual projects will soon be going up for auction.

The collection includes a range of original artworks created as visuals for music videos as well as concept sketches from their filmic rock opera The Wall.

Also available for auction as part of the collection will be a myriad of storyboards, memorabilia, animation cels, and stage props, once used to recreate the film’s terrifyingly apocalyptic aesthetic on stage. 

According to the artist Gerald Scarfe, the collection consists of over 3000 works spanning from the first time he met Roger Waters around 1974. Scarfe has said that he’d prefer if the collection was bought and kept together as a single body of work rather than being sold off separately.

For the chief artist of the band’s visual dialogue, the archive represents a life’s work and is, therefore, more deeply understood as a whole single unit. For this reason, it was a tough decision for Scarfe to let the entire archive go, but evidently not an irrational one following the record-breaking 1.8 million dollar sale of his original Screaming Face watercolour painting, which was used as the cover artwork for The Wall movie.