Pink Floyd share rare songs on new ‘Evolving Pink Floyd Playlist’

For a band that was ever-evolving, an Evolving Pink Floyd Playlist is the best showcase of the band’s eclectic and expansive back catalogue.

The playlist, which is updated daily, will feature a myriad of rare and unreleased Pink Floyd material. It is being described as a “new and exciting way to rediscover and immerse in Pink Floyd’s music”.

Pink floyd

Pink Floyd have announced a brand new playlist as a way to highlight hidden gems and deep cuts from their extensive back catalogue.

The first addition to the playlist is a live version of the Dark Side of the Moon track, Us & Them, taken from a 1974 concert in London. The track had never previously been released, other than on the Dark Side of the Moon: Immersion box set.

The goal of the playlist is to mix Pink Floyd’s greatest songs with some of their lesser-known masterpieces. Along with being updated on a daily basis, each week will see the inclusion of a previously unreleased track to streaming services.

All of these unreleased songs will be taken from one of the band’s Immersion box sets. The next release will feature Have A Cigar (Alternate Version). Following that release, we will see the likes of Any Colour You Like (Live at Wembley 1974), Run Like Hell (The Wall WIP pt2 Band Demo), and Money (Early Mix 1972) in the respective weeks.

All of this follows a recent feud between Roger Waters and the remaining members of Pink Floyd. Waters also recently admitted that he thought a reunion would be “fucking awful.”

Check out the ever-expanding playlist here or below.