India’s first paranormal hotline is live, and it’s receiving a lot of calls

Dim the lights and cue the track, because India has just landed its first ever paranormal hotline. Founded by author Jay Alani, the “real life” Ghostbusters reportedly receive eight to ten calls per day, detailing close encounters with “ghosts, spirits, black magic or anything related to the paranormal world.”

As casual as this seems, the real highlight of this story is the hotline’s founder. As a self-proclaimed “Paranormal Boy”, Alani has made a fine following for himself over his decade-long career in paranormal investigation. Turns out tracking down ghosts can even land you with a few Ted Talks.


Who ya gonna call? Indian author, motivational speaker and *checks notes* paranormal investigator Jay Alani.

“The main motive behind this helpline number is to provide scientific solutions to those who are encountering any unusual incidents or have any question about the paranormal world,” Alani stated to the Hindustan Times.

In most of the cases, I have found that person who claims to experience any such unusual incident has been watching horror films and series during this lockdown period. After questioning them about their daily routine, family history, past trauma etc, I and my team of psychologists found out that many of them actually create a fictional ghost in their mind.”

Really interesting stuff, but let’s get back to the man himself. As a full-time Ghostbuster, Jay Alani has investigated over 100 haunted locations and 150 cases of paranormal activity during his career. He’s released books, podcasts and speeches about his work. But most importantly, Alani is the Founder/CEO/Lead Investigator of The Paranormal Company, and host of Dark Destinations on India’s Dish TV. This essentially makes him the Oprah of Halloween. An Oprah who tracks down demons and serves some fresh 2009 Mr Worldwide energy.

Now this a showbiz career I can get behind.