Check out this horrifying rendition of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ played only in E and F

Ever wanted to hear the gorgeously haunting Eleanor Rigby turned into nightmare fuel? Well today’s your lucky day, because internet classic The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (but all notes are E and F) has reappeared on the viral circuit.

Originally posted in March last year, the rendition offers nothing but dissonant chords, and a shrill vocal quality that only Stephen King would be proud of. 

the Beatles

In today’s episode of musical experiments that we didn’t need or want, a petrifying rendition of The Beatles’ legendary track Eleanor Rigby has re-surfaced on the internet.

Eleanor Rigby, originally appearing on the band’s 1966 record Yellow Submarine, has long been heralded as a striking portrait of loneliness. The song’s post-war bounded lyricism and eerie string arrangement offers an unearthly sense of beauty to the track, deeming it a triumph within the band’s catalogue.

Enter Youtube user Uberphawx.

Leaving audiences with nothing but capitalised quote “ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE”, it seems that they set out with one mission. Wreck havoc on a timeless classic, potentially kick-start a career in horror movie composition, and leave the video’s viewers too afraid to fall asleep at night.

To be fair, the track does offer a very accurate accompaniment to today’s climate. However, crank this up on any speaker, and you’ve just turned a lovely Autumn afternoon into a ’70s slasher film. Don’t worry though, there are nearly 100,000 others also processing this corruption of reality:

“The Beatles play the Residents play The Beatles.”
“Charles Manson approved”
“Damn, Geeges lips looking mega THICC.”

Prepare to not sleep tonight: