Make room for the shroom: US opinion poll indicates support for psychedelic legalisation

Although we can’t go anywhere right now, it seems that the US are especially keen for a trip. Cannabis research academy Green Horizons has released new data indicating the increasing popularity of psychedelic mushrooms amongst American citizens.

Through a poll of 1,000 US adults, the firm found that 38% of applicants supported the legalisation of the substance psilocybin.  Breaking this total down, 25% supported the legalisation of shrooms under limited circumstances, including religious or medical reasons, and 13% believed it should be completely legalised.

psychedelic shrooms
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In the US, a new poll by Green Horizons has shown that citizens are going a bit gushy for the mushies, with 53% supporting legalisation of the psychedelic substance to some degree.

“When it comes to psychedelics, there are many parallels with the movement to legalize cannabis. In both cases, education is paramount,” Green Horizon’s SVP of Insights and Strategy Adriana Waterston noted. “Psychedelics, like cannabis, have been tied to a negative, highly stigmatized image for many years.”

“Science, however, is showing us that psychedelics demonstrate tremendous promise for certain chronic psychological illnesses, even those that have been treatment-resistant. As we continue to study psychedelics and evidence for their benefits mounts, we can expect support for legalization to follow.”

Green Horizons argue that this increasing popularity is attributed to the nation’s growing familiarity with the psychedelic substance, with 27% of applicants trusting psychedelics to be amongst the safest intoxicants. A number of the world’s leading research centres on psychedelic substances, such as Johns Hopkins, are also currently based in the US.

With the nation already making waves through its cannabis legalisation movement, it seems that magic mushies may be next on the agenda. Early last year, Denver residents voted to decriminalise possession of the substance, passing with a narrow 50.6% in favour.


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