Celebrities will recount their best and worst trips in Netflix’s new documentary about psychedelics
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Celebrities will recount their best and worst trips in Netflix’s new documentary about psychedelics

Netflix has announced a new documentary dedicated to exploring the trials, tribulations and triumphs of psychedelics. Directed by Donick Cary, the film will address the use of hallucinogens to treat depression, the existential capabilities of the substances, as well as feature the real-life stories of a number of musicians and comedians. Yes, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) himself will be joining the lineup.

“Celebs recall their mind-bending trips via animations, reenactments & more in this comedic documentary exploring psychedelics,” High Times Mag reported on Twitter, announcing the release.


Netflix’s upcoming documentary Have A Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics dives into the social, physical, historical and mental implications of the reportedly safest illicit substances on the market.

Celebrities such as Adam Scott, Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman, Rosie Perez, A$AP Rocky, and Paul Scheer will make an appearance, documenting the weird and wonderful things that have happened to them while tripping. With two of these interviewees also appearing in beloved NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, it may be a fun exposure test to watch this documentary back-to-back with their upcoming reunion.

These celebrity guests will also be helping to give a rundown on the history of psychedelics, their positive and negative effects, the science behind the trip, their impact on pop culture, and spiritual capabilities. Despite appearing to be a lighthearted take on psychedelics, the documentary covers some pretty heavy topics. What role do these substances play in treating depression, dependence, and facing our own mortality?

Cary aimed for the production to crush the inaccurate social preconceptions towards psychedelics and for the documentary to be used as a guide for educational purposes and safe usage.

Have A Good Trip will debut on May 11th. Check out the trailer below: