Prince’s iconic ‘Blue Angel’ Cloud guitar expected to auction for $600,000

After its whereabouts went unknown for years, Prince’s iconic custom Cloud guitar has just gone up for auction. Cloud expert John Woodland came across the Blue Angel on Julien’s Auctions, discovering that the guitar had been hiding in the collection of a private owner whom Prince had gifted the instrument to in the ’90s.

The instrument was a favourite of the singer throughout the ’80s, featuring in his Purple Rain and Parade tours, his 1989 performance on SNL, and in his music video for Get Off, to name a few.

Photo: Larry Busacca/WireImage/Getty Images

The legendary Blue Angel Cloud guitar, once owned by Prince, has just surfaced at an auction. It is estimated to sell for $600,000.

“It’s the most significant Prince guitar that’ll ever come up for auction,” said auction president Darren Julien told Rolling Stone. The Blue Angel has lived many lives, in many different finishes; peach, white, yellow, and now electric blue. The instrument is also split from the 7th fret to the headstock, however that hasn’t stopped auctioneers from valuing the piece between $400,000-$600,000.

Prince’s long relationship with the Cloud model initially began in Minneapolis, when he commissioned Knut Koupeé Music shop to design an eye-catching instrument for the Purple Rain film. Taking notes from the Sardonyx bass and O’Hagan Shark model, the owners created the striking white piece that we know today.

The Blue Angel was the second iteration of Prince’s work with Knut Koupeé, with the instrument based on an O’Hagan Nightwatch model.

The Music Icons collection auction will take place over June 19th and 20th from Beverly Hills. Punters also have the opportunity to get their hands on Paul McCartney’s handwritten Maxwell’s Silver Hammer lyrics, Jim Morrison’s personal journal, and Johnny Cash’s black duster.