This letter Prince sent to a fan in 1984 will be the most adorable thing you read today

It’s impossible to imagine the volumes of fan mail that our biggest stars receive. It’s a curiosity also whether these stars ever get a moment to read the messages sent to them by adoring fans. However, a handwritten letter from Prince has just emerged online, written to a young fan shortly after the release of the Purple Rain music video in 1984.

As this was the most influential era in the musician’s artistic output, it’s amazing that he had the time to even respond to Annalisa, let alone pen the thoughtful response that he did.

Photo: Virginia Turbett/Redferns/Getty Images; Vivienne

A letter written by Prince to a young fan back in the ’80s has emerged online, and we can confirm that it’s probably the most wholesome thing that you’ll read today.

“Dearest Annalisa,” Prince writes. “It is so nice of 2 write me. I don’t always have time 2 reply but your letters surely brighten my day.”

“You’re so sweet. I’m glad you’re my friend. If u dig the video, wait until u see the movie. I’m very proud of it. I hope u are 2. Congratulations on making thru jr. high. I’m sure u did better than I. I wasn’t much on school. I was 2 busy listening 2 the grass grow.”

“Thank u again 4 writing me. Until I hear from u, Prince.” 

Awww, wait hold up. I was “2 busy listening 2 the grass grow”? What does that even mean? We all know that Prince is a genius, so potentially this is some sort of metaphor, or code?

Nonetheless, this letter is painfully wholesome, and shows us a more personal side to the rockstar. In other Prince news, the singer’s iconic Blue Angel cloud guitar has just be discovered on an auction site, after going missing for a couple of years. The piece is estimated to sell for $600,000.

Check out the original letter here.