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A haunted, David Lynch-directed pregnancy test ad has surfaced online

A haunting David Lynch-directed commercial from 1997 has just been unearthed online, and it’s really something. Advertising Clear Blue’s One Minute home pregnancy tests, the 15-second clip highlights Lynch’s quintessential cinematic traits that fans have all come to know and love.

However, the video’s dark tone, in comparison to its subject matter, is undoubtedly disturbing. Reportedly, this was a worry that plagued Clear Blue themselves. Nonetheless, Lynch was incredibly co-operative and professional in his approach to the project.


Ever wanted to see the most unsettling pregnancy test commercial out there? Legendary filmmaker David Lynch has you covered.

“The client was a little nervous that the spot would be eerie and scary,” David Cohen, the project’s executive producer said to EW’s A.J. Jacob. “But on the set, Lynch was constantly making sure the client was happy.”

This report may come as a shock to most, in light of the director’s self-branded identity as the “stranded” artist. However, Lynch worked on many advertisements back in the day, including a Playstation commercial.

It’s easily the most intense pregnancy test commercial I’ve ever seen; complete with monochrome visuals, an ominous countdown, and a brooding soundtrack. Funnily enough, I’m not really getting a ‘wow, the joys of motherhood’ vibe from this one.

However, it isn’t on the same level of pure suspense as Twin Peaks or Lynch’s other repertoire either.

More recently, Lynch has released a short film on Youtube, a collaboration with Polish-American composer Marek Zebrowski. It also appears that his daily weather reports have very sadly come to a halt, in order to make way for this release.

Check out the ad below. Maybe spend a minute emotionally preparing yourselves as well: