Master of the unconventional: watch David Lynch reflect on creativity in new interview

In the latest TM Talks instalment, acclaimed director David Lynch holistically examines his career, detailing his approach to filmmaking and creativity, as well as his influences. It’s a must-watch.

“The number one tool is intuition,” he states, discussing his creative process. “Now in film school they’re teaching formulas for feature films. It’s like being put into prison.”

David Lynch
Photo: Dylan Coulter/The Guardian

David Lynch takes a step back to examine his filmmaking processes, career, and the influence of meditation in a new interview with TM Talks.

With the series focused around “personal development and the growth of higher states of consciousness”, Lynch dives into the methods he employs when developing his projects, as well as his early life as an artist: “all I wanted to do was paint.”

“You go by intuition,” he notes. “And the ideas that come, and if you don’t understand them right away, just think about them as they gather together, and something thrilling for you can come.”

“You’ll be excited about it and you’ll make that. Not worrying about what will come in terms of money or fame or anything, you’ll just fall in love with the ideas and the thing that came.”

Throughout the 50-minute episode, Lynch also covers his strategy of “catching” ideas like fish and how his practice of transcendental meditation has influenced his work.

It also seems that the filmmaker has been keeping very busy in isolation, giving a new life to his legendary and quintessentially Lynchian online weather reports.

Check out the interview below.