UFOs were spotted in Brazil, then all the posts disappeared from social media

Last week in Magé, Brazil, thousands of people spotted numerous unidentified objects in the sky. Then suddenly out of nowhere, everyone’s posts regarding the UFOs started to disappear.

Numerous videos were posted to Twitter and Reddit showing a number of blue, red, and yellow objects in the sky in Magé. This sparked a frenzy in the Brazilian press about a UFO crash.


After multiple people described seeing blue, yellow, and red objects over the sky in Magé, videos associated with the incident mysteriously disappeared.

Even though there are often supposed UFO sightings across the world all the time, the removal and disappearance of videos with the tag #MageUFO has led to a number of conspiracies arising.

After numerous complaints on the UFO subreddit of removing images and comments, a moderator explained, “I see a lot of stupidity in this thread, so let me just make it absolutely clear: mods here do not censor. If a post is stupid or offensive it will be removed. If it is a hoax, we’ll remove it.”

Things go deeper after people began noticing something strange on Google Maps. It appears that there is a part of Magé which is blurred out on Google Maps. The glitch has lead to people delving further down the rabbit hole.

In a statement form Google, a spokesperson explained what the glitch is, “In this case, what people are seeing in the imagery is a reflection that is temporarily overloading the satellite’s sensor. Essentially, the sun reflected off the surface of that building at just the right angle to briefly blind the satellite. This is a pretty common phenomenon known as saturation or blooming.”

This is by far not the first supposed UFO or Alien interaction in South America. It has become a hotspot for sightings and theories.

This sighting will just continue to add to the wider conspiracies at large.