The truth is out there: US Navy Pilots report “daily” UFO sightings

We all know this has been coming. Whether you acknowledge it or not, we were due for an alien overlord takeover any day now. Well, according to US Navy pilots, that day is almost upon us.

Between 2014 and 2015, these pilots have reported “almost daily” UFO sightings. We’re talking seasoned pilots. These dudes are used to speeding around our atmosphere. So if they’re crying wolf (or more alien), then I’m leaning towards believing them.


A bunch of US Navy pilots have come forward with numerous claims of UFO sightings, and while we don’t wanna say the end is nigh, it’s definitely nigh.

According to a New York Times report, the sightings began in the summer of 2014. They first witnessed this weirdness some 30,000 feet in the sky during training flights. This all went down off the south east coast of the US, so maybe Florida Man has levelled up.

Describing them as a “spinning top moving against the wind”, they seemingly reached hypersonic speeds. Put frankly, these seasoned pilots have allegedly never seen anything quite like them. One pilot reportedly almost collided with one. Understandably, he submitted an official incident report to the US Navy, so these guys are not playing.

Further, the sightings allegedly became so frequent, the navy released an official guideline on how to report “unexplained aerial phenomena”.  And look, no one as of yet has definitively claimed their origins as extraterrestrial, but they’re defs aliens.

Anyone who says otherwise is a fool and deserves to be enslaved by our new alien leaders.