Ginger AF’s Extraterrestrial Playlist: A Sonic Odyssey Through the Ages

Ginger AF crafts an interstellar playlist for dancing through life’s extraterrestrial moments, real or imagined.

In the universe of contemporary rock, Ginger AF emerges as a delightful revelation. With a fusion of hard rock and indie finesse, their latest single, “Slipping Away,” offers a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming album, “Ghosts Stay Gone,” slated for release on September 29th.

Ginger AF’s musical signature is a testament to both masterful instrumentation and dreamy vocals. Drawing parallels to luminaries like Best Coast, their sound transcends conventional indie rock, incorporating a resolute foundation in rock.

ginger AF

Now, as the band prepares for a possible alien visitation, they’ve crafted the ultimate extraterrestrial playlist, a musical tour through the past five decades. Featuring iconic tracks, from Bee Gees’ harmonious classic to Nirvana’s groundbreaking anthem, this selection promises to give our cosmic friends an authentic taste of Earth’s musical journey.

Join Kristin and Jerry of Ginger AF as they curate this intergalactic playlist, ensuring that the aliens experience the full spectrum of Earthly music, all the way up to their upcoming album, “Ghosts Stay Gone.” Cheers to a celestial musical voyage!

Ginger AF is preparing for a possible alien invasion….. with music.

It’s been a rough couple of years on planet Earth. So much so, that the announcement of the existence of aliens was met with a collective nonchalant shrug. We have so many other problems on the planet now that unless aliens usher in peace, climate change, and eliminate poverty and hunger, we have much bigger fish to fry.

SHOULD the aliens decide to vacation on earth for awhile (or for good), Jerry and I have started to curate a playlist we feel would give them a good representation of Earthly music over the last half century.

In anticipation of our upcoming album, Ghosts Stay Gone, releasing this Friday, 9/29/2023, we will be posting our extraterrestrial playlist to our Spotify artists’ page (after taking additional recommendations from our friends around the globe). So, without further ado, we present the first draft tracks of our alien invasion playlist; two from each of the past five decades. 

(K) Staying Alive – Bee Gees – I mean you can’t have a playlist from the last 50 years and NOT include 3 (and sometimes 4) part harmonies in falsettos so high that it might trigger the aliens like how Slim Whitman’s “Indian Love Call” ended the alien invasion on Mars Attacks. If this song doesn’t get our green friends shaking their non-existent butts on the dance floor, then we have failed them. 

(J) David Bowie – Ashes to Ashes – Well, Bowie was probably an alien beamed down to the Earth for us to marvel at for generations.  So, I think this is the song to show aliens how one of their own wrote brilliant songs on Earth. This song has it all! Twitchy nervy verses, a beautiful chorus, cool synths, and of course a reference to Major Tom.  Hands down, this is my favorite Bowie tune. 

(K) Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order – the anthem of my young adulthood. Where everything was     bizarre, you had to learn about triangles in Geometry, and the first inklings of love were more dramatic than a telenovela. I smell an alien dance party brewing. 

(J) R.E.M. – Fall On Me – R.E.M. were masters of boiling down the best of the 60’s and 70’s and making it their own sound in the 80’s.  So, you cover three decades in one band for the newcomers to Earth. Jangly guitars, melodic basslines, great harmonies are all here in spades. And you could actually hear what Michael Stipe was singing about by the fourth album, the triumphant Life’s Rich Pageant. Also, R.E.M. was warning us about what we were doing to the environment back in the 80’s and we still didn’t listen.

(K) Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana –Kurt Cobain essentially kicked down the door of the reigning kings of Hairbands and stole their mantle. Cobain and gang changed the course of music history with Nevermind. Maybe the aliens will be inspired to smash guitars, dive into drums, and shake up the course of history yet again. Smells Like Green Spirit to me. Oh, and we got introduced to our lord and savior, David Eric Grohl. I nominate him to represent planet Earth in any negotiations. 

(J) Radiohead – Paranoid Android – The 90’s Bohemian Rhapsody?.  OK, that’s an unfair comparison in some respects, but this sprawling opus from OK Computer is their first masterpiece and takes you on a head spinning six-and-a-half-minute roller coaster ride.  Make sure to show the aliens the video while you’re at it to give them the full impact.  They won’t know what hit ‘em.

(K) Maps – the 2000s were a weird decade for music for me but had some key aesthetics that left an imprint. For example, the Brooklyn music scene exploding with the likes of The Strokes, Interpol, and obviously my fave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I remember Jerry and I wailing to Maps at 3am on Guitar Hero or Rock Band after being wayyy overserved at the bar.  It’s iconic. Karen O is a legend. The aliens would bow down to her as their new leader. This is now a prophecy. 

(J) Silverchair – Straight Lines – The most played song in my music library! I chose this song because it is one of the best written Pop/Rock songs to come out in the 2000’s. If you want aliens to hear what it was like to live and feel the 2000’s in one rock song, this one is it.  

(K) Beach House – Myth – I want to see the sensitive side of aliens. Give them Beach House. Like all their collection. But I want them to listen particularly to Myth and if they shed an alien tear, I will be less worried about anal probing or incineration of the planet. It’s a test. I always have a plan. 

(J) The War On Drugs – An Ocean Between The Waves – You might want to light one up, pass it over to the new arrivals to Earth and let them feel all the emotions that this song brings.  It is one hell of a magical journey in one 7-miunte song.  Jam on! That is all!

Finally, we would be remiss, if we didn’t force the aliens to listen to our songs from our upcoming album, Ghosts Stay Gone. As such, we have added our latest single, Stuck to the playlist. We may even invite an alien band to open for us on tour. Cheers friends! – Kristin and Jerry.