There can never be too many guitars, am I right? Ginger Af unveils ‘Slipping Away’

Ginger AF’s sonic palette weaves dream pop, shoegaze, and grunge influences into a drop of pure musical perfection.

In the realm of contemporary rock, Ginger AF emerges as a delightful surprise. Seamlessly blending elements of hard rock with a distinct indie edge, their latest single, “Slipping Away,” serves as a tantalising preview of their upcoming album, “Ghosts Stay Gone,” slated for release on September 29th.

The hallmark of Ginger AF’s sonic signature lies not only in the deft instrumentation but also in the dreamy vocal delivery. Drawing parallels to the likes of Best Coast, their music transcends the boundaries of conventional indie rock, incorporating a steadfast rock foundation.

Ginger AF

A touch of reverb, judiciously applied, imparts an expansive quality to the vocals, this effect brings forth a sense of spaciousness, allowing raw, unfiltered emotion to shine through.

Kristin Cannell and Jerry Black, the dynamic duo behind Ginger AF, forge their musical synergy in an unconventional setting—rural North Florida. Their creative alchemy ignited in 2005 and has been blazing ever since. Kristin, the group’s lyrical maestro and guitar virtuoso, finds her counterpart in Jerry, whose mastery over piano, synths, and keyboards adds depth and texture to their compositions.

Ginger AF’s sonic palette weaves dream pop, shoegaze, and grunge influences into a drop of pure musical perfection. Here, the guitar commands center stage, its melodies carrying the weight of Kristin’s introspective lyricism. Jerry’s keys provide a hauntingly beautiful counterpoint, giving rise to an auditory journey that transcends mere sound.

With influences, that reads like a who’s who of rock legends, from R.E.M. to Coldplay, with a soft spot for Neil Finn of Crowded House,  along with New Order’s mesmerising beats, The Breeders, and My Bloody Valentine’s shoegaze magic, Ginger AF sound registers very comfortably alongside their heroes.

Their EP, “Hazy,” released in June 2023, will soon grace vinyl collections, while “Ghost Stay Gone” promises an intimate collection of songs rooted in personal struggles and introspection. The album stands as a testament to the duo’s commitment to authentic, unfiltered expression.

Produced by the skilled hand of Lucas Marques, the album achieves new heights, with Marques lending his expertise not only behind the soundboard but also on drums, bass, and additional guitars. The result is a layered sonic landscape that resonates with depth and authenticity.

With “Slipping Away,” Ginger AF pays homage to the spirited sounds of 90s alternative rock, channeling the energy and sharp lyricism reminiscent of influential female-fronted bands. It’s a high-octane track that immerses listeners in a time-capsule blend of rock, grunge, and shoegaze. This single sets the stage for what promises to be an album of rich, introspective compositions.

As the release date of “Ghosts Stay Gone” approaches, Ginger AF stands poised to captivate audiences with their unique blend of rock, introspection, and unapologetic authenticity. This is a band that defies categorisation, carving their own niche in the diverse landscape of modern music.

Keep an ear out for their album drop on September 29th, and let Ginger AF’s evocative melodies leave their indelible imprint upon your soul.