Mezz Coleman shares long-awaited sophomore album ‘I Never Said A Word’

Mezz Coleman unearths the “nooks and crannies of [her] psyche” on new album I Never Said A Word. 

Mezz Coleman has released her sophomore album I Never Said A Word, a sprawling account of womanhood that traces the musician from hardships to victories, with the assist of a broad pop palette. 

The album opens with the piano-driven ballad What A Shame, which forefronts Coleman’s whispery vocals. Regal strings adorn every corner of the track as the singer laments the conversations left unsaid within a relationship. 

Mezz Coleman 'I Never Said A Word'

Flanked by airy backing harmonies, Coleman unleashes her powerhouse potential on the final chorus, belting out the heartfelt lyrics with pained yet mesmeric delivery. 

Marking the album’s clearest foray into pop-rock, second track Much More Than This brims with punchy guitars and a slow-groove bassline. Here, Coleman bemoans the need to “bite my tongue,” before her frustrations let rip on a synth-drenched chorus. 

The anthemic choral release, helped along by riotous percussion, mirrors the freedom that comes when “the cat’s been let out of the bag,” making for one of the album’s most cathartic and head-thrashing entries. 

Flexing her versatility, Coleman tries her hand at country-pop with the acoustic warmth that is Chasing Light. Through twangy guitars and the glitter of tambourine, Coleman inhabits the kind of song that might soundtrack the slow waltz of a bar on the outskirts of town, all while toying with modern flairs. 

Cinematic synths and subtle piano keys give Chasing Light a contemporary edge, as Coleman envisions life on the road with a lover — despite her parent’s best interests. The folksy energy continues on Magic Moment, anchored by a snappy percussive throughline that makes it destined for foot-tapping.  

Evoking the level of vivid imagery you’d find on a Lucinda Williams record, Coleman paints lyrical portraits with finesse, detailing everything from identity crises to the unstoppable passage of time. 

Doo-wop harmonies and crooning vocal adlibs add texture to the track, but the “magic moment” Coleman seeks is nowhere to be found on Lion.

Here, the singer adopts a more sinister tone, questioning her lover’s motives and whereabouts atop speedy electric guitar strums. “Did you wait for me to fall asleep?” she probes, “so I wouldn’t see what was in your head?”

It serves as yet another masterclass in storytelling, as Coleman places listeners squarely within her own internal monologue. That same soul-bearing lyricism is spotlighted on Lady Fear, which uses minimalistic production to unearth Coleman’s anxieties.

Adopting musical theatre stylings, Coleman sings atop sparse piano keys and delivers a vocal performance reminiscent of a broadway show. 

Elsewhere, on I Try, Coleman dishes acoustic balladry and serves the album’s most resplendent vocals. Jazzy and melodic, the penultimate track details Coleman’s commitment to restoring her partner’s spirit despite the endless rainy days and grey skies.

I Never Said A Word finds its worthy conclusion with Won’t Let Go, a Beatles-infused soft-rock gem that recounts the tale of a love-drunk protagonist. Fuzzy electronica peppers the final track, as Coleman holds firm in her commitment to a partner. 

I Never Said A Word marks Coleman’s first major release since 2015, with a tracklist that more than justifies the extended wait.

“I think I’ve been conditioned as a woman to just be nice and quiet, which is so unhealthy,” Coleman said in a press statement. “This album is a humble attempt at getting more real and open with myself.”

Listen to Mezz Coleman’s new sophomore album I Never Said A Word below.