Unbroken Expanse drop classic hard rock single ‘This Feeling’

Bringing raw rock riffs direct from the red centre, NT’s Unbroken Expanse drop their fourth single, ‘This Feeling’

Unbroken Expanse, fueled by palpable energy, channels the raw emotions and unique experiences derived from the rugged and soul-stirring outback landscape. Their foundation is built on a perfect blend of rock angst, power, and passion. Just as their melodies once reverberated across the arid plains, they now embark on an interstate journey, sharing the very essence of themselves, and it’s a profoundly powerful experience.

Now a decade deep into their recording career, hard rock trio Unbroken Expanse still know how to thrill their listeners, as their fourth single ‘This Feeling’ demonstrates. Having relocated from Tenant Creek, NT to Melbourne, (only 2766kms away), the group are deep in the beating heart of rock culture in one of Australia’s most musical cities. 

Unbroken Expanse

While they claim they’re “not trying to impress anyone other than the ghosts that flicker on the empty outback plains”, Unbroken Expanse’s Jimmi James, Jason, Wheezy, and Parko,  prioritise stadium-level choruses and energy as the fuel for their unique creative vision.

After releasing their self-titled 2013 EP, and three singles from 2019 to 2022, ‘This Feeling’ (released July 7) is now sure to make you feel something, e.g. the urge to jump off the couch to shake your hips, or to turn the volume up on your stereo…

‘This Feeling’ starts with the chug of a punchy and nimble riff from James, synchronised with a disco-like hi-hat groove from ‘viking’ lead singer/drummer/rhythm guitar Wheezy (Chris Helmond) . When the song bursts into peak volume when the drums drop and the riff opens, the groove is reminiscent of an upbeat drum ’n’ bass beat, while bearing the same irrepressible energy and crude crowd-shaking power of EDM.

With a seamless transition, the trio effortlessly delves into a gritty and agile rhythm in the first verse. This performance conjures the essence of Axl Rose’s renowned ‘snake dance’ on a festival stage. Their musical finesse captures the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, painting a vivid picture of their raw and electrifying presence.

The proceeding choruses are large and catchy, and the lyrics motivational, with Wheezy urging the crowd to find their purpose and passion. Thrash-tinged snare and kick patterns proceed to propel the song in and out of its two succeeding choruses and Kirk Hammett-loving James’ wah-drenched solo towards closure, reminiscent of the seething angst of The Stooges’ ‘TV Eye’, or a stomping Rammstein rhythm.

From behind his percussive throne, Wheezy releases a mighty scream shortly before the song ends just over the three-minute mark, and the group unleash a big rock ending. It’s safe to say that ‘This Feeling’ ticks all the fundamental boxes for hard rock fans. 


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Review by Corin Shearston