Edit The Empire have done it again with this ripping new indie-rock banger

The latest single from Edit The Empire is perhaps the most catchy and loveable, feel-good indie rock track to come out this year. This City’s Electric will quickly have you on your feet for a head-bopping foot shuffle like no other.

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Infused with tones likened to sounds of various indie-rock heavyweights, this new single has an unmistakably classic pop-rock groove, demonstrating why Edit The Empire are currently championing the scene out of Melbourne.

With vintage flavors of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis sounds, the high energy feel of the song’s catchy guitar riffs immediately incite passions of unruly, giddy youthful excitement. It’s the sort of tune that you could find yourself kicking off your work shoes to and jumping around manically on your bed as if the age of sixteen could last an eternity.

This City’s Electric is certainly a suitable title for a song that lights up your soul, giving you sudden urges to shake off the excess energy which Edit The Empire seems to be able to craft into a song with such ease.

The soaring vocals and clever lyricism in the chorus capture beautifully the exhilarating and addictive pace of the life in the city, and with bands like Edit The Empire gigging frequently around Melbourne’s hottest venues, why wouldn’t you want to be right in there amongst the action? Aptly does the singer capture this feeling by insisting that “the city’s electric and its taking hold of me”.

The mastery of production which the song has received in its mix and mastering stages does a wonderful job in capturing that distinctive indie-rock sound, which is expected from the professionalism of Aaron Dobos who has worked with the indie giants The Avalanches before.

This City’s Electric is the most recent release from Edit The Empire following their equally infectious self-titled EP and another single early this year. Could we be in for even more indie-rock bangers like this? We certainly hope so. Stream This City’s Electric below and get around their social medias to find out more!