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Struggle, symbolism and shaved eyebrows: feel the weirdness in these rare set photos from The Wall

Pink Floyd – The Wall is a psychedelic concoction of animation, musical drama and live action that was named after the 1979 Pink Floyd album, The Wall.

Written by Floyd front man Roger Waters and directed by Alan Parker, the film is rich with metaphor and symbolism which creates a twisted storyline driven entirely by music. Bob Geldoff plays main character, Pink, a young boy who struggles with an isolated childhood after suffering with losing his father.

The Wall explores the imaginary barrier created by Pink, used as a coping mechanism for his suffering that protects him from being hurt by the big, wide world.

The controversial film now has a well-established cult following who praise its surrealism, and gore for ultimately creating a much deeper, politically-charged work.

These rare, behind-the-scene photos pretty much summarise some of weirdness you can expect from the film, which ultimately conveys the message that isolation is not the answer.

the wall

Via Dangerous Minds.


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June 13, 2017