Sir Alan Parker, director of ‘Midnight Express’ and ‘The Wall’, has passed away

The world has woken up to the sad news that the legendary director Sir Alan Parker has died at 76 after battling a long-term illness.

Parker was revered for his creative spirit, keen eye for detail, and inherent ability for picking iconic soundtracks to his films.

Sir. Alan Parker

Sir. Alan Parker, notable director of Bugsy Malone, Fame and Pink Floyd’s The Wall passed away last night at 76.

Born in London, 1944, Parker’s work always centred around film. He began his career in advertising, directing seven award-winning commercials which financed his first fictional film No Hard Feelings in 1973. Best known for his films Midnight Express, Fame and Pink Floyd’s The Wall, Parker has been praised for his musical acuity and creative direction.

His films have won 19 BAFTA awards, 10 Golden Globes, and 6 Academy Awards, making him one of the most prolific directors ever. He was awarded the highest honour in 2013 when he received the BAFTA Academy Fellowship from the British Film Academy. For his work, Queen Elizabeth II knighted him in 2002.

The feeling of this loss has reverberated around the globe and many have taken to the internet to share their condolences, including Ben Stiller and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Parker’s legacy lives in Lisa, his second wife and his five children.