Introducing Philip La Rosa, an artist using vulnerability as his powerful canvas

Vulnerability is the most powerful thing a songwriter can express in their music. While the process may be confronting, painful even, songs that candidly address life’s complexities will ultimately cut deeper, last longer, and will serve as comfort for so many. The experience of seeing one’s pain through another’s melodies is unparalleled, one that has marked the industry’s greats. Since his 2016, Philip La Rosa has undeniably entered this artistic echelon.

Crafting songs that boast weight through emotion, the Australian songwriter has mastered the art of spinning infinite and fleeting emotions into sound. From the sweltering beats of Paradise to the ambient introspection of Drowning, each track cascades around his own experiences to embrace the listener in a world that is uniquely his.

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Photo: Lana Pratt

Some of the most beautiful music is born from the most agonising moments. Philip La Rosa’s upcoming single Baggage is definitive proof.

With tracks bounded in raw emotion, La Rosa wastes no time in translating his message. Each note and lyric he pens is done with meaning, his powerful pop-stylings open up audiences to a spectrum of clarity, and no second is left to waste. His upcoming single Baggage celebrates all the parts of La Rosa’s music that fans have come to know and love, yet elevates his creative output to another level.

Sonically, the single brings a captivating energy to the traditional piano ballad. Where some artists would use solitary chords to retain focus on their lyrics, La Rosa fills these gaps with pulsating bass and pop flares. The song quickly transforms from a painting on the wall into a production. Baggage casts itself into a physical space where walls are neon-tinted and traumas can be freely heard.

“I think being honest and vulnerable allowed me to truly connect with someone on a much deeper level. Everyone needs to let their walls down and talk about what’s on their mind,” the singer explains.

With an overwhelming delicacy, La Rosa speaks to an experience rarely discussed in music, or in life more broadly: the ability that trauma has to bond people. Baggage expresses the sudden feeling of connection you can have to another person who has gone through what you have, unravelled in the most powerful way.


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BREAK DOWN YOUR WALLS 🧱 We’re all a little damaged, right? We’d be lying if we said we weren’t. The first step in my healing process was lowering my walls, letting my guard down and speaking my truth. I now find the connections with those around me far deeper and meaningful. Staying on the surface will only take you so far into your own freedom and relationships. The smallest words can lead to the biggest impact, sometimes those words might help your own growth and sometimes it might help the person you’re conversing with. Either way, someone’s walking away one step closer to emotional freedom. ✨ So, I’ll start. Some nights I stay awake wondering if my actions from the day had a positive impact on my own life or those around me. If I had a productive day at work. If I told my boyfriend I love him. Sometimes, it gets a little heavier and lay awake wondering what my life would have been like if I didn’t stop performing when I was 15. If I dodged some of the trauma. If I didn’t bully others when I was bullied. If I didn’t leave high school halfway through year 10. If I didn’t miss all the teenage highlights of house parties, school balls and leavers. If I got handed a different set of cards. Some nights I wish I could just go down memory lane and browse through the thousands of photos I once had of me on stage, backstage, rehearsing, recording or all the catchups with my performance family. And other nights I just cry for the sake of crying. So, tell me, what’s something that keeps you up at night?

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As the singer’s robust vocals bend through cadence, an undeniable feeling of freedom sweeps over with every tidal note. Whether this is the feeling of weightlessness that comes after finally telling someone a dark secret, the joy of finding another person to connect to, or the overpowering comfort that simply comes from growth, La Rosa manages to spin these infinite moments into the space of a single.

His lyrics are captivating, his melodies addictive, and his messages transcendent. On his latest single, Philip La Rosa has crafted a masterpiece.

Baggage will be available on all platforms from August 7th. Click here to pre-save.