Scott Morrison’s staggering travel expenses have been revealed

If fucking off to Hawaii in the midst of the worst bushfires Australia has ever seen hasn’t told you that Scott Morrison is known for his travelling, then wait until you see the eye-watering amount he has spent in just 15 months as Prime Minister.

This week, SBS exclusively revealed that Morrison was already Australia’s most expensive Prime Minister in regards to travel and accommodation spending, despite not travelling for work since the East Asia Summit in November 2019.

Photo: EPA-EFE

Scott Morrison is Australia’s most expensive Prime Minister for travel, having spent over $3.1 million on overseas trips, despite only having travelled for six months since the May election.

According to documents obtained under the Freedom of Information act, ScoMo has spent over $3.1 million on his travelling on top of the $250 million he spent on refurbishing his plane named ‘Shark One’ (after his favourite NRL team). In fact, 10 of the 17 trips he took abroad cost over $100,000, these include his trips to the US in September 2019, the UK in June 2019, and France in August 2019.

Of course, this figure has raised many eyebrows, Labor Senator Tim Ayres told SBS that “most Australians will see these travel expenses as very large and won’t understand how it is that a Prime Minister could spend this amount on travel in just fifteen months.” This especially considering that in his minister-ship, he’s only been travelling abroad for six months since he was elected in May 2019. Seeing the eye-watering $3,105,537 that he has spent in only six months of travel makes the head shake.

Morrison has yet to comment on this, but a spokesman said that “every trip the Prime Minister makes is to advance Australia’s interests strengthening our trading relationships and strengthening our national security.”