Artist Scott Marsh raises over $50,000 for the Rural Fire Service with ScoMo tee

A mural painted by Scott Marsh depicting Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a carefree Hawaiian garb may already have been painted over, but t-shirts bearing the same design have raised over $50,000 for the Rural Fire Service.

Just five days ago Marsh posted a photo of the original mural on Instagram, garnering an instantly massive response. The mural was a dig at Morrison’s trip to Hawaii while Australia’s east coast remained engulfed in some of the decade’s worst fires – a move being widely lauded as one of the most profound political PR blunders in recent memory.

Scott Marsh merry crisis nsw fires scott morrison
Photo: Getty Images. Mural by Scott Marsh

Australian artist Scott Marsh has helped raise over $50,000 for the Rural Fire Service with a t-shirt depicting Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Screen printing company Aisle6ix have helped Marsh make the charity tee happen, donating all printing costs and over 1,000 shirts.

After massive public backlash, Scott Morrison has now returned to Australia post-Hawaiian sojourn. For his trouble, a small amount of government compensation has been allocated to volunteer firefighters. The initiative allows volunteer firefighters to apply for a $6,000 compensation, but many of them have been donating their time for months.

This isn’t the first time Marsh has painted a mural eliciting mass attention, positive or otherwise. His works depicting political and cultural figures such as NSW premiers Gladys Berejiklian and Mike Baird, Kanye West, George Michael, and Cardinal George Pell all caused a stir in the past.

Sadly the ScoMo mural has now been covered up, but if you want to support the RFS, feel free to buy a t-shirt here or donate outright here.