Sydney New Year’s Eve festivities could be cancelled to aid a fire-ravaged NSW

Sydney’s famous New Year’s Eve fireworks display may be scrapped this year after a call to redirect financing to bushfire and drought relief in rural NSW.

This year’s budget for the iconic event is expected to be set at $5.8 million, whilst the cost of damages and resources throughout fire damaged NSW is set to exceed $40 million.

A petition with a large following could change the way Sydney celebrates New Year’s Eve in order to help those in need.

A petition with currently upwards of 59,000 signatures has been set by Change.org. The public is asking for the NSW government to help those in need by sending the close to $6 million set for eight tonnes of explosive fireworks, to aid the cost of battling bushfires.

It’s times like these when we as a nation need to look at our priorities and I believe the new year should be welcomed in the Aussie way; by giving our fellow Australians a helping hand!” the petition’s author Kayla Neale concludes.

In the past, iconic events have been cancelled to serve another purpose. In 2015, the Paris New Year’s Eve fireworks display at the Champ-Elysées was changed to ensure the safety of the people following the November 13 attacks.

Redirecting funding of this global event isn’t the only thing we can do to help areas in need. People who feel they want to help a little more can donate to an organisation such as the Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, The Salvation Army, and more.

Sign the petition here.