Strong Belgian-style beers are good for your gut health, new study finds

Sick of chowing down kimchi for good gut health? A good strong beer might be a better alternative, new research suggests.

Erik Claassen, a researcher from the University of Amsterdam (the city of good times), presented his findings at an event organised by probiotic drink manufacturer, Yakult.

A pint of strong beer a day may be enough to keep the doctor away, new research from the Univerity of Amsterdam suggests.

Claassen’s research found that strong beers, particularly Belgian style brews such as Hoegaarden and Westmalle Tripel contain probiotics that ward off obesity and also contribute to a good night’s sleep. Probiotics are usually found in fermented products such as kimchi, kombucha, and certain yogurts, so the addition of strong beer is a lovely deviation from the otherwise “Byron Bay health blogger” arrangement. Whether it’s enough to get Australians back on the beer-train, time will tell.

As most beers go through the fermentation process once, your standard can of VB is going to do shit all for your gut health (you’re better off having their tea instead). However many stronger Belgian style beers are fermented twice, and the acids that are produced through the second fermentation process are toxic to bacteria that cause diseases within the body. Not only does it murder diseases that could murder you, but good gut health is also linked to lowering the risk of obesity.

It also helps with establishing good sleeping patterns, but it’s unclear whether that’s to do with the probiotics or the high levels of alcohol in Belgian beer. Have you ever tried sleeping sober though? It sucks. The brain carnival is unbearable.

Scientists were quick to mention that a single beer day could be “very, very good for you” but overindulgence will still have a negative effect on individual health. But if climate change is anything to go by, when do we bother listening to scientists? Instead of going to the doctors, just smash 8 pints of Belgian gold at your local craft brewery and rest easy, knowing underneath that beer belly lies the healthy gut of a person who’ll probably live forever.

From here on out though, remember: A Hoegaarden a day keeps the doctor away.