VB have launched their own beer-flavoured tea

Just when you thought vegemite chocolate was as weird as Aussie food and drink promotions would get, our good friends at Victoria Bitter have gone and given us something that no one asked for, beer-flavoured tea.

With the Ashes being held in England this year, fans will be watching the gentleman’s game into the early hours of the morning, a time of day that pairs better with a warm cuppa than a cold frothy one, the perfect time for a VB Tea.

Victoria Bitter has launched beer-flavoured tea just in time for the Ashes, because a warm cup of VB is more appealing than a cold one in the early hours of the morning.

Each box of VB Tea contains 24 pyramid tea bags filled with a mix of black tea leaves and VB Super Pride Hops, the limited-edition packets are selling on the VB website for $10 each and are “blended in Australia from local and imported ingredients”. The tea contains no alcohol but smells and tastes just like the classic beer.

Victoria Bitter brand director Chris Maxwell told The Herald Sun the VB Tea was launched to help Aussie cricket fans who had to stay up late at night to sit through the Ashes and get up early in the morning.

“We know Aussies love nothing more than watching the cricket with a VB in hand,” Maxwell said. “So, when the boys are in England, they’ll be watching into the wee hours of the morning and need a cuppa.”

In the brand’s usual anthemic style, the advertisement for VB Tea features a rhyme, explaining how sometimes “it feels like the ball’s cursed (and) you’ve sure got a thirst. An early morning thirst needs a nice hot cuppa, and the best hot cuppa is tea … VB Tea.”