We caught up with VB Hard Yards winners Being Jane Lane for a chat

Gold Coast four-piece Being Jane Lane belt out the kind of unapologetic punk rock that’ll kick you straight in the mouth. It’s hard-hitting, energetic, and pretty incredible.

Next month, they’ll be taking their music all over the east coast alongside Alex Lahey, WAAX, and Tired Lion as part of the epic VB Hard Yards tour. But before then, we caught up with the band for a chat.

Before they join Alex Lahey, Tired Lion, and WAAX on the VB Hard Yards tour next month, we caught up with Gold Coast four-piece Being Jane Lane for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

BJL: G’day! Currently we are hard at work in the studio. We have been writing heaps of new music to make this one a banger. Apart from that we have a heap of shows on the Gold Coast and Brisbane over the next few months to prepare for… practice makes perfect!

HAPPY: Sailboat is a real punch in the face. Could you tell us a little about that track?

BJL: Sailboat stemmed from an acoustic song that our vocalist Teigan wrote. We wanted it to be a bit darker and grittier than our usual stuff.

There are deep social issues in the lyrics, including drugs and domestic violence that get stigmatised and pushed aside because no one wants to talk about it.

We didn’t want to shy away from that and honestly the response from the public regarding both the song and the film clip was overwhelming.

It touched a lot of people and at the end of the day if you can get emotions from people from what you are creating, it’s super rewarding.

HAPPY: Are there any bands that influence your music?

BJL: Being a 5 piece, we all have such a range of tastes in music. We definitely take a little something from all genres. We pride ourselves on our songs being a little bit different each time.

I think some stand out bands from each of us would be Nirvana, Green Day, Parkway Drive, Paramore…. And there is one of us who likes Avril. Not naming names.

As we grow as a band and continue writing new songs, we have also started taking influence from bands around the country that we really love, for instance WAAX, Pagan and Trophy Eyes.

HAPPY: You started as a band back in 2016, but only released your debut EP in 2016… did you make a conscious decision to go that long without releasing any music? Or was that just the way it panned out?

BJL: As I mentioned before, we have been working on an album. We just want to release something really amazing. Something that we are proud of.

We have been writing new songs, so trying to fit a mix of old and new songs on the record is really important to us. Obviously we all have full time jobs, and life is full of hurdles, so we never wanted to set a date so we could take our time and make every song perfect.

We work with Gold Coast producer Guy Cooper of Human Records, and he encourages this kind of process. We work hard, but also are learning not to rush the process.

HAPPY: How’s the Gold Coast music scene looking at the moment? Are there any bands we should take notice of?

BJL: Absolutely. The GC always has some really cool bands. CAKES, The Lonesomes and Tesla Coils are a few to look out for.

HAPPY: You’ve supported some pretty hectic names in your time as a band… are there any particular gigs that have been special for you?

BJL: The last couple of years have been crazy. Obviously supporting Clowns and The Bennies was such a big deal for us as they are such rad people, but personally for me we supported Unwritten Law this year (on my birthday I might add) and having grown up with their music, and them being a huge part of growing up with punk rock music, it was probably one of the best moments of my life.

HAPPY: In October you’re going to be touring with some pretty incredible people as part of the VB Hard Yards Tour… how did it feel when you found out you’d been chosen for that tour?

BJL: Not going to lie, there were tears. We honestly never thought that this could happen to us. There was a brief moment where we thought we were being punked, but once everything was official our band chat exploded and there were… more tears haha.

So happy and excited. We can’t thank everyone involved enough. Deathproof PR have been WONDERFUL and it’s a really big deal for the headlining bands to be involved, and give us the opportunity to live our dreams alongside people we look up to in the music industry.

HAPPY: Any other exciting things coming up? Any new music coming out soon?

BJL: I’m so glad you asked. Save the date! September 28th!!!! We are giving you a song of the new album. The song is called Next Step, and you can expect a release across all platforms. It has been awhile since we have released something, but we assure you it’ll be worth the wait.

HAPPY: Cheers for the chat.

BJL: Anytime!

Find out more about VB Hard Yards here, and suss out those tour dates on the poster below.