PREMIERE: Luke Spook’s new clip is a psychedelic journey through small town life

Luke Spook‘s new single Small Town is a waltz through the country life, highlighting the oppressive nature of solitude in the overlooked corners of the world.

The new clip stays true to the title featuring a miniature town built entirely by Luke Spook himself.

The first single from Luke Spook’s debut album is a surreal folk tale drenched in strange, entrancing 60s psychedelia.

Like a teleport to the glory days of 90s TV, Luke Spook takes us on a journey through a miniature town in the clip for his new single Small Town. The miniatures, police station and rolling hillside, reminiscent ‘Postman Pat’, paint a tapestry of life in the secluded hillside.

After the release of his debut EP Waking Up/ Feeling Bad last year and a tour with The Pinheads, Luke Spook has been busy conjuring up a collection of surreal folk tales, told though his unique style of acid-drenched song writing.

“We all sit around, til the day that we sit underground,” highlights the looming oppression of the small town life, draped in an upbeat psychedelic groove. Furthermore an Eastern freakout section in the middle of the track introduces Luke’s interest in Raga style exploration and unabashed tendency to turn a song on it’s head in the interest of story telling. 

 “I thought the only way to magnify the goldfish bow world of a small town would be to build a town myself and use models to illsutrate the lyrics in my song. I built the whoel thing relying only on online model train tutorials and a very small budget. Countless hours were spent setting up the right shots, pulling strings and placing tiny plastic cows.” explains Luke Spook.



Preorder Luke Spook’s debut album here, to be released via Third Eye Stimuli October 2019.