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Watch Luke Spook perform Renaissance Man live at Enmore Audio

Luke Spook, founding member of the notorious Wollongong gang The Pinheads, recently stepped out on his own to perform with a new band, releasing their debut single Isabella a couple of months ago.

Not long ago, the band stopped by Enmore Audio to perform their unreleased track Renaissance Man, and hoo boy is it a goodie.

Watch Luke Spook performing the catchy, lighthearted new track Renaissance Man live at Enmore Audio.

Luke Spook’s new track Renaissance Man is quite the catchy pub-rock anthem, with witty rhymes layered upon a punchy boppy beat, and polished off with sing-along moments, it’s bound to get you smiling. Believe me, this track will stick with you in the best of ways.

The ‘Renaissance Man’ in question is that guy that everyone knows that’s late to everything”, he’s a bit of a “jack of all trades, master of none… like a bit of a romantic but a bit of an idiot.” I feel like we all know at least one of these renaissance men, I sure do.

Go ahead, brighten up your day with Luke Spook’s Renaissance Man below.