IDLES release new craft beer

It seems like these days if you are a musician, it is only a matter of time before you release your very own, limited-edition craft beer. Now, Brittish punk-rockers IDLES have just announced theirs. 

The Bristol punks are joining forces with East London’s Signature Brew to create KRSHFT, a limited edition 4.8% beer.

Photo: Dani Hansen

The beer’s unusual name was chosen by IDLES frontman Joe Talbot and is said to embody “the almighty sound of a can of beer opening”.

Along with the odd name, the tin’s artwork was also designed by the singer. The beer’s style, a toasted lager described as “Malty, mouthy and modern” was decided on by the band and developed by Signature Brew’s award-winning brew team.

Signature Brew are known for their rock and roll attitude, delivering range of music-inspired craft beers to bars, venues, and festivals in the UK and around the world. The Brewery has collaborated with a plethora of killer artists including alt-j, Slaves and Frank Turner.

On top of their new lager, IDLES have remained as busy, confirming that they were working with The Bad Seeds’ Warren Ellis on their third record. Speaking about their third album earlier this year, Talbot said: 

“The only departure is development. You’re always evolving. It’s the next step along from ‘Joy…’ and ‘Brutalism’. This is the third. You can see the progression and regression in some ways. It’s us, but a year older. We got bored of certain things and excited by others. We want to write more techno, we want to write more noise, we want to write more pop, and we want to write more country. We’ll just write it until it sounds like something we love, then we’ll put the words on top.”

Get ready for what is set to be a killer new album and perhaps celebrate with a KRSHFT, brought to you by your favourite British punks. 

Watch the promotional video for KRSHFT below: