Poster girl for the ‘Facebook Whistleblowing’ headlines Festival of Dangerous Ideas

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI), has today announced a compelling and incisive program of big ideas, dicey topics, and critical conversations.

A razor-sharp line-up of thinkers, artists, experts, and disruptors from around the world and across Australia will converge on Sydney to dissect and discuss the spikiest and most pressing issues of our moment in a huge weekend of panels, talks, and events at this year’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

American data engineer, Frances Haugen, became the poster girl synonymous with the term “Facebook Whistleblower” back in October 2021, when she took to Capitol Hill to spill some truths about the Facebook controversies over the Russian influence over the 2016 election, specifically how the network’s algorithm spread misinformation that was exploited by foreign adversaries.

fodi sydney
Credit: News18

Joining an international lineup of speakers at this year’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Haugen – who made global headlines when she leaked tens of thousands of internal company documents, revealing the many ways Facebook repeatedly put profit over public safety – will speak to corporate culpability, Australia’s strained relationship with the tech giant and the weaponisation of social media.

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is held at Carriageworks, Sydney from 17-18 September.