Depeche Mode confirm Andy Fletcher’s cause of death

As the world still feels the loss of Andy “Fletch” Fletcher, Depeche Mode has released a statement on his cause of death.

The name Depeche Mode speaks for itself. Their name, image and most of all music, will be around forever. But with a reputation such as this, when tragedy occurs, it truly hits deeply. Andy Fletcher’s death took us all by surprise.

Speaking on Facebook, fellow founding members singer Dave Gahan and principal songwriter Martin Gore, gave fans an update on Fletch’s condition and cause of death.

Andy Fletcher
Image: John Stoddart

Andy Fletcher died after suffering an aortic dissection at his home last month at the age of 60. As confirmed by the Mayo Clinic, an aortic dissection happens when the inner layer of the body’s main artery tears, allowing blood to rush through and split the middle and inner layers of the aorta.

Since the band’s inception, over 40 years ago, all three members have been there for each other. Despite Vince Clarke and Alan Wilder having joined the band and left, Gore, Gahan and Fletch have remained close.

Speaking on Facebook, Gore and Gahan said: “So, even though it was far, far too soon, [Fletcher] passed naturally and without prolonged suffering.”

“As you can imagine, it’s been a strange, sad, disorienting few weeks for us here, to say the least. But we’ve seen and felt all of your love and support, and we know that Andy’s family has too.”

At a private memorial in Fletch’s hometown London last week, tears were certainly shed but as much as laughter while those who attended traded fond and intimate stories. The duo posted: “Andy was celebrated in a room full of many of his friends and family, our immediate DM family, and so many people who have touched Andy’s and our lives throughout the years. All being together was a very special way to remember Andy and see him off.”