John Cusack, more than just your typical actor

Happy Birthday to John Cusack, a quiet but not so quiet kind of writer.

John Cusack isn’t your typical actor. Although his more well-known writing credits include his most popular films, High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank, he’s actually pretty passionate about writing about the bigger issues. 

In 2010, when Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal all famously stopped taking payments from Wikileaks, Cusack set up the ‘Freedom of the Press Foundation’ in response.

high fidelity john cusak
Credit: The Guardian

The foundation’s main goal is to keep journalism alive and to protect the privacy of journalists that are willing to deal with potentially dangerous subjects. Cusack is pretty passionate about the issue and has gone on to write several articles for the site.  

In 2014, he travelled to Russia with celebrated author Arundhati Roy and political activist Daniel Ellsberg to meet with Edward Snowden. Roy and Cusack went on to write a series of essays about their conversations with Snowden which they formed into the book Things That Can and Cannot Be Said. 

John Cusack is currently starring in Stephen King’s 1408.