Fan catches woman playing Pokémon GO at Beyoncé concert, freaks out

For any discerning Beyoncé fan, this is would hit home big time.

pokemon go

What would you do if you caught a fellow ‘fan’ playing Pokémon GO at a Beyoncé show?

It would be moment of a lifetime, standing literally feet away from Beyoncé herself, in the flesh, as she belts it out on stage. For one soulless ‘fan’ though, this unthinkably rare opportunity was but a bore – so much so that she resorted to playing Pokémon GO instead of watching.

The travesty was caught on camera by a understandably outraged (real) fan who loses his mind. Check it out below:

She’s lucky Solange never saw her. Side note I’m never showering again.

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(via NY Mag)