Father John Misty shares hilarious rejected Pandora promos

Never one to take himself too seriously, from trolling Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift to serenading himself in a bathtub, Father John Misty has released series of rejected promos originally recorded for the streaming service Pandora.


Josh Tillma posted the voice-overs to his Soundcloud account, where he takes the piss of self self-promotion, and rambles off a series of hilarious seven promo recordings.

One of the recordings says “This is Father John Misty, and Pandora wants to promote my tour, and are offering eleven million impressions across their platform in return for not much. It’s a win, both because it’s free tour advertising and marketing, and because my music has yet to catch on on the platform. This is common for bands who are not quite mainstream. Our hope is that it will help me sell tickets and kick-start my music on Pandora.”

The rest of the recordings are equally as funny and witty, and you can check out all seven here.

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