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FBi launches Click Radio

fbi click

FBi in recent years has become more of a genre-defining body – a tightly knit, beard worshipping, tastemaking community that just happens to run a radio station. As if to transcend the preconceptions about community radio, FBi is now a mark of distinction, getting on FBi seems to be seen as less of a step towards getting on Triple J and more of a step into the underground, the tasteful and the unique. The little black and white logo is a stamp to confirm that a band or an artist’s music has appeal to a community of people with good taste rather than to the wider youth audience of Australia (or just to their mum, as is the case of most bands in Sydney).

fbi clicl

June 27th marks the opening ceremony of FBi Click – a purely electronic radio station brought to you by some of the city’s finest. Come party with them!

Their latest venture FBi Click has just been announced, a 24/7 digital radio station devoted purely to electronic music, and will be commencing broadcast on June 25th. FBi has always had an eclectic mix of genres, but its support for electronic producers, especially those who create dance music that is made to be listened to sitting down, has been one of it’s hallmarks.

What’s most impressive about FBi Click is the calibre of artists that they have on their roster of new radio shows. Labels Sweat It Out and Astral People both have shows on the new station and (in)famous local party people Purple Sneakers, Picnic and Goodgod Small Club will each be broadcasting their latest taste in electronic beats. Anyone in Sydney finding themselves dancing for far longer than is necessary in a club where the ratio of males to females is tragically low can thank at least one of the above mentioned communities for providing the dopest of beats.

What I’m most excited about though is the 120 minutes that the station will be devoting to the weird and wacky sounds of electronic music in the form of Lazy Radio and Sequence, the latter hosted by local experimental legends New Weird Australia, who have been bringing you those awesome Seasons EP‘s we’ve been raving on about.

Of course, FBi will be throwing a party for the launch, held on Friday June 27th at none other than Goodgod Small Club and Danceteria, featuring sets from every single show on the FBi Click roster. That’s everyone above plus everyone on the full lineup below. Tickets are 15 on the door for plebs or 10 for those in the super exclusive FBi club (or, y’know, free if you rock up before 10pm).


Sweat It Out Music!
Purple Sneakers
Halfway Crooks
Picnic Touring & Events
Body Promise (Mealo & Amelia Jenner)
Sequence (Stuart Buchanan)
Lazy Radio (Tony Chill)
Bare Necessities (Klue)
+ Goodgod Small Club DJs
+ FBi Radio DJs



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June 6, 2014

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