FBi Social turns 3

How many times have you been to FBi social? The number will probably surprise you as being surprisingly few, unless you’re an absolute junkie or you work for FBi. I myself, the publisher of a live music guide, have only been a handful of times. But it’s a pretty young venue right? You just haven’t had the chance in the short time it’s been around to get all the way out to The Cross and see those cool bands that dumb Happy blog is always talking about.


fbi social

FBi Social is turning 3 years old this weekend (22nd March), so really there is no excuse for you not to have gotten down there more often. Just to put it into perspective, there have been 156 weekends since FBi Social opened, and 3 years ago you were listening to Bon Iver’s self titled album and fawning over the premiere season of Game of Thrones. That’s a long time ago dude – heck, I was still in uni. So what can you do to make up for the fact you’ve been neglecting Sydney’s premiere independent music support platform? Head to their birthday party of course! Presents are optional, but don’t bring a bottle of wine cause, y’know, it’s a licensed venue and stuff.

Headlining the badass festivites will be Happy faves Shining Bird, Alex’s faves The Walking Who, this girl I used to work with’s fave Yon Yonson and a surprise special guest who “has sold out FBi Social in the past”… We’re thinking it’s probably Daft Punk. All in all, it’s a cross section of what FBi Social has been supporting over the last few years – something vaguely synthey, something vaguely psychey and something vaguely hip-hoppy.

Tix are $12 on the door, party times from 8pm – 3am and the captains of the HMS Brand Awareness Sailor Jerry’s are providing a free drink upon entry. Remember, FBi social takes place at the Kings Cross hotel, which is in (no points for guessing this one) Kings Cross, so try not to die or anything.



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