You’ll feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy after listening to Lamalo and Kim Ven’s newest EP Sunrise

Lamalo have teamed up again with vocalist Kim Ven for their newest EP, Sunrise.

There is no doubt why Lamalo and Kim Ven are blowing up on Soundcloud and Triple J Unearthed – their music is a completely refreshing interplay of pop and electronica.

Can you catch up with Lamalo? Featuring Kim Ven, their newest EP is so seductive, it’s scoring thousands of streams by the day.

The EP opens with Sunrise, a catchy and buoyant single which can be effortlessly listened to on repeat all day. Prepare for catchiness, it’s an earworm that will hold its spot like the anchor of a cruise ship.

Their second soundtrack is the popular Blue Bandana Baby, continuing the seductive tone of Sunrise yet finding a little more punch through some high-impact electronic percussion and a sky-high bridge.

These first two tracks have a collective of 30,000 views, exemplifying the trio’s invigorating talent and explosive reputation.

In the last track, Close to You, Ven’s vocals shine amongst some delectably Californian guitar work. As addicting and magnetic as the rest of the EP, it’s an honest surprise this track hasn’t garnered the attention that the rest of the tracklist is currently boasting.

Of course Lamalo’s bite-sized EP had to come with a super sultry music video for the single, Sunrise. Being their first clip ever, the production quality is hair-raising, feeling much more like the effort of a band ten years deep into their career.

Just as dreamy as the tune is, the introspective music video handily crosses parallels of nostalgia and reality. Watch below.

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