Fieu – Put It On the Line

You know that line where the Earth meets space, where the sounds of the natural world fuse with the expansive abyss of an extraterrestrial landscape, where the elements of fire, water, air and Earth compete in a tug of war with a faceless competitor for survival. The being that inhabits this place aims to create unison between the worlds. She lies in wait, orbiting the Earth in suspended animation until she is summoned upon those that need her the most.

Hailing from Brisbane, Fieu [pron. Fee-yu] is the electronic – pop outfit of Emily Brewis. Her six track debut EP, produced by Sydney’s Tim Carr ( Matt CorbyCat EmpireErnest Ellis), showcases soaring electronic-pop ballads. If you like MS MR, Florence and the Machine, London Grammar, Ellie Goulding, and Emma Louise, then you’ll be glad we introduced Fieu to you.


Think the ecstasy of the ocean meets the mysterious starry canvas of space and you get Fieu. We think you’re going to love Fieu as much as we do!

Fieu gives it her all in this EP – her music is simply cinematic, rich with perfectly- timed explosions of liberation and inspiration. She demonstrates an impressive range with her powerfully emotional voice, through which you might get the sense of this undying love caught up in the fear of failure. Fieu will assure your tremendous desire for strength in an otherwise fragile place as she lavishes you with deep warmth and affection.

Put It On the Line was originally written in Fieu’s garage bedroom from the humble beginnings of mounting a-cappella vocal loops. Fieu’s crystalline and sensual vocals, pounding drums and vocal layering gifts this track a fiery and untouchable soul that manages to maintain honesty and humility throughout.  The song’s message concerns the need “to let the walls down and to truly come to terms with how others may judge you”.

Clarity’s hypnotic melody has the ability to appease the most troubled minds. The surging percussion and piano lines work together to create a whirlwind of sound, where the return of that climatic chorus is breathtaking. Clarity embodies everything that its name suggests –an utterly enthralling achievement by Fieu.

The confessional nature of Run and Hide sees Fieu at her most vulnerable –instrumentation is suppressed in the opening with just her voice and a few synth chords. It’s like you’re taking very deep breaths before your heart decides to throb as you gather the courage to take conflict head on.

Although the industrial beats and vibrating guitar rhythms would sound quite harsh on their own, they complement the rawness of the song, reassuring us that pain can be caressed away if you just focus on the positives. Let the fluid like synths of this track guide you to a place of serenity.

Fieu will be launching her debut EP at Black Bear Lodge. Her second single Clarity, is available for your listening pleasure on her website.

Here’s the details you need to know:

Wednesday 17th Sept – Black Bear Lodge, St Fortitude Valley, QLD

w/ AYLA and Machine Age.



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